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Game Master Platform

The AI enabled, story first platform that:

  • Brings campaigns to life through a single platform

  • Provides an AI assistant trained on your content so you can create great content with ease

  • Tracks what happened last session or 10 sessions ago and remembers it all

  • Collects player feedback to enable you to create more engaging sessions

"The Game Master Platform app is an absolute game-changer for any D&D campaign, offering an impressive array of tools that streamline game preparation and enhance gameplay. Its intuitive interface makes managing complex campaigns a breeze, allowing both novice and veteran DMs to create immersive experiences with ease."

Ben, Or

Experience the Platform

to the Platform!

My name is Danny McKeever and I have been a GM for over 40 years and worked in technolgy for 20 years. When ChatGPT was launched I recoginized that it would be a game changer for all GMs. Finally we have our very own familiar. I just wanted it trained on my campaigns and a platform that would help me remember what happend. I hope you enjoy the platform.

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