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Running you first session as a new GM can be one of the more exciting and nerve-racking things a person can do.  The session helps you think through your upcoming session and does its best to prepare you for your game.

The session object is a newer concept to GM's. In your past you would gather around a table or online to play a game. Now, through technology, a GM can leverage the GMP and AI to prepare for their session.

The session now does these things for a GM.

  • Keeps track of time

  • Keeps track of the assets and encounters

  • Keeps track of initiative order

  • Brings the AI assistant forward allowing the GM to converse with the campaign or NPCs

  • Stores previous session notes and summaries

  • Allows the GM to converse with the players via a chat bot

  • Provides game rules 

  • Allows you to quickly pivot through the NPCs and Foes

  • Keeps track of hit points

  • Displays any maps, DM notes or assets related to each encounter.

  • When the session is stopped it send out an email to the players asking for feedback.


Player Feedback

The feedback will be grouped by player by session where you, the GM, can take the feedback and prepare for future sessions.


Session Summary

The session summary is one of the more important items.  I will type up a bulleted list of what happened that session in sequence order and then ask the AI to write me a summary.  By saving the summary into the session, it is then shared with all of the players, and it is saved to the memory of each of the players characters.


Smart Characters
As more and more sessions are run, the AI learns and allows the players to converse with their characters. They can ask questions and get answers from their character, in the voice of their character based on the background and how the questions were answered for each character.


Running Session 0
The GMP has changed how I run a session 0.  It makes it so much easier and more interesting for both the players and the GM.

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