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The Rise of a New God

Introduction of a New God to a World is ....

Introducting of a new god can add depth to the world, providing new quests, factions, and conflicts for players to engage with. Depending on the nature of the god, their introduction could also shake up the balance of power, creating new allies or enemies for the party. Ultimately, the introduction of a new god adds a sense of mystery and wonder to the campaign, as players explore the implications of this deity's existence and the impact they have on the world around them.

The Rise of a New God Background

The death of a neutral god at the hands of an evil god can have far-reaching consequences on the world of your game. Let's call the neutral god "Zephyr" and the evil god "Nyx" for the purpose of this example. Zephyr was a god of balance and neutrality, worshipped by many who sought to maintain harmony in the world.

Global Arcs

  1. Loss of power: Zephyr's death means that his followers have lost their connection to his power, and they must choose to serve another god or lose their abilities.

  2. Imbalance: The death of a god of balance throws the world out of balance, causing unforeseen consequences and problems.

  3. Political unrest: The followers of Zephyr are not the only ones affected. Political leaders, who relied on the balance of power, are now forced to make new alliances or face the consequences.

  4. Changes in trade: The death of a god can also impact trade and commerce. Those who relied on the protection of Zephyr to conduct business may now be vulnerable to attacks from enemies.

  5. Shift in worship: As Zephyr's followers choose new deities to serve, the balance of power among the gods is also affected, potentially leading to a shift in the balance of worship.

  6. Conflicts among believers: The followers of Zephyr may not agree on which god to serve, leading to conflicts and tensions between groups.

  7. The rise of new gods: The death of a god also leaves room for new gods to emerge, seeking to fill the void left by Zephyr's absence.

  8. Destruction of relics: The death of a god can also mean the destruction of their relics and artifacts, as they are no longer protected by divine power.

  9. Magic disruption: The balance of magical forces is also affected by the death of a god, potentially leading to disruptions in magical energy and power.

  10. Natural disasters: The death of a god can also have physical consequences, such as natural disasters or weather changes, as the god's power over these elements is disrupted.

Regional Scenarios: 
Impact on the PC’s
The changes resulting from the death of a neutral god and the rise of a new one would definitely have an impact on the player characters (PCs). Here are some ways that their backgrounds and situations may be affected:


  1. Loss of powers: If any of the PCs worshiped Zephyr, they would lose their divine powers, forcing them to either choose a new deity or find new sources of power.

  2. Quest for vengeance: If any of the PCs had a personal connection to Zephyr or one of his followers, they may seek revenge against Nyx or the ones responsible for his death.

  3. Moral dilemmas: The PCs may face moral dilemmas if they had strong beliefs in balance and neutrality, as they now have to choose between serving a new god or risking losing their powers.

  4. New alliances: The death of Zephyr may force the PCs to seek new allies among other factions or deities, in order to maintain balance and stability in the world.

  5. Religious conflicts: If any of the PCs worshiped a god that is opposed to the new deity or Nyx, they may find themselves embroiled in religious conflicts.

  6. Quest for artifacts: The PCs may be sent on a quest to recover relics or artifacts associated with Zephyr, in order to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands.

  7. Struggle for power: The PCs may find themselves caught in the middle of a power struggle between different factions or deities, each vying for control and influence over the world.

  8. Natural disasters: The changes in the world may also lead to natural disasters, creating new challenges for the PCs to overcome.


Local PC Hooks:
I would use the above examples as opportunities to influence the PC’s background. 

Here are some examples to hook the PC’s into the story.

  1. The PC's mentor or teacher was a devout follower of Zephyr, and now that they have lost their divine powers, they turn to the PC for guidance and support.

  2. The PC discovers that a close friend or family member has become a follower of the new deity, causing them to question their own loyalties and beliefs.

  3. The PC's hometown or village is suddenly plagued by natural disasters or other strange occurrences, which they eventually discover are the result of the new deity's rise to power.

  4. The PC's primary enemy or rival is a devout follower of the new deity, making their conflicts even more personal and intense.

  5. The PC finds themselves hunted by the new deity's followers, who see them as a threat to their power and influence.

  6. The PC's past comes back to haunt them, as they realize that they inadvertently played a role in Zephyr's death or the new deity's rise to power.

  7. The PC is called upon by a powerful ally or faction to help them take down the new deity and restore balance to the world.

  8. The PC's patron or benefactor is a member of a secret society that opposes the new deity, and they are tasked with carrying out covert missions and gathering information to aid their cause.

  9. The PC awakens missing their powers, they do not know why. Their local church or temple has collapsed and many of his followers have fallen ill. This leads them on an adventure to find a lost artifact of the fallen god, or to seek guidance from another god.


Overall, the death of a neutral god and the rise of a new one presents many opportunities for the PCs to get involved in the drama, either through personal connections, religious affiliations, or quests for power and artifacts. It may also force them to confront difficult moral dilemmas and navigate new alliances and conflicts, adding depth and complexity to their backgrounds and stories.

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