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Dungeon Masters Assistant Template for AIPRM ChatGPT Extension

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

DM's Assistant Template for ChatGPT and AIPRM

What is the DM's Assistant?

It is a chrome plugin for ChatGPT that you, the dungeon master, will train on your current upcoming session. This allows you in real-time to generate location descriptions, NPC's, items, dialog and so much more.

What does it do?

As a DM's assistant, my role is to help with the preparation of a Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) session by generating content and assisting with note-taking.

Through leveraging data that you feed to the DM's Assistant Template. The DM's Assistant can assist in generating content for your session, such as creating descriptions of places, writing dialog, generating a list of interesting items or library books, creating engaging NPCs, and even generating a Bard song or a riddle.

Using the DM's Assistant. Dungeon Masters can create an immersive and engaging experience for players, in near real-time, which keeps them coming back for more.

How to get access to the assistant?

Step 2: Use the template below to generate your input for ChatGPT

The Template for the Dungeon Masters Assistant

Overview of Previous Session

[Give me a short paragraph describing what you did in the last session]

Background: Complete the following

[Provide a paragraph on the story arc]

[Current location and description]

[Locations History]

[Current Rumors]

[Optional: NPC's, Name, Class, Description}

------End Template------

Example of a Completed DM's Assistant Template built in Google Docs

Session 7: SkullPort

Overview of Previous Session

In the last session Ruman, Kaie and Rili explored the marketplace in Skullport. They visited the following vendors.

Stall: "The Black Anvil"

Sell: Weapons and armor

Owner: Tharik Blackforge

Class: Dwarf FighterDescription: Tharik is a stocky, bearded dwarf with a keen eye for craftsmanship. He takes great pride in his wares, which are of the highest quality, and will only sell to those who pass his strict inspection.

Stall: "Spice Emporium"

Sell: Exotic spices and herbs

Owner: Zareen al-Salim

Class: Human Rogue

Description: Zareen is a slender, olive-skinned woman with piercing green eyes. She speaks with a sultry voice and delights in haggling over prices. Her spices are sourced from all over the world, and are said to have magical properties.

Stall: "Maul's Meats"

Sell: Fresh and smoked meats

Owner: Gruumsh Maul

Class: Orc Barbarian

Description: Gruumsh is a towering, muscular orc with a face scarred by battle. He butchers his own meat, and his wares are often still warm to the touch. He has a reputation for being hot-headed, and will not tolerate any disrespect.

Stall: "The Spider's Web"

Sell: Poisons and alchemical potions

Owner: Liriel Baenre

Class: Drow Wizard

Description: Liriel is a lithe, silver-haired drow with a sharp tongue and a sharper mind. She is a master of poison-making, and her potions are sought after by many who seek an edge in combat or intrigue.

Stall: "Kerwin's Curiosities"

Sell: Oddities and trinkets

Owner: Kerwin Moonshadow

Class: Half-Elf Bard

Description: Kerwin is a flamboyant, jovial half-elf with a gift for storytelling. His stall is a jumble of curiosities, from unusual gemstones to strange artifacts of unknown origin. He loves to regale his customers with tales of their provenance.


Goal is to train ChatGPT on what it is like where the current PC’s are located. By doing this you will get much more valuable output from the tool.

[Current Location]

Example: Skullport, It’s not just a haven for sinister villains and evil factions; it’s a haven for outcasts and loners and the end-of-the-rope for the grim and desperate.

Built on an ancient ruin, within an immense subterranean cavern, the shadowy port was a dark reflection of the City of Splendors above. Its structure was built in three tiers, interconnected by narrow catwalks and rickety scaffolding. Creaking houses built on stilts were haphazardly built in a dense network that formed a near shantytown.

The first thing you notice about Skullport is the smell. It is a mixture of ocean, sewage and garbage. Lower Skullport is always moist, covered with a thin layer of sludge that is mixed every four hours with the incoming tide. Piles of garbage collect in and around different corners, pillars, bumps and low areas. The narrow streets and alleys of the Lower Port crowd in

around you, the stacked levels of the city seem to lean in oppressively over the streets. Figures constantly slip in and out of pools, dim lantern light and the shadow of crooked alleyways.

The Crown

The upper tier of Skullport, this area was home to pirate captains and wealthier merchants

The Venter

The cramped middle tier of Skullport that contained most of its buildings.

The Dredge

The lowest level of Skullport was dank slum,[4] whose streets were littered with garbage. Many of its buildings were completely abandoned.

Breaking the Law

As odd as it sounds, there are harsh punishments for severe lawbreakers in Skullport. Make no mistake, Skullport is a dangerous place, but the city has its own mixture of hard lines and unwritten rules that can land a character in trouble for doing the wrong thing or hurting the wrong person. Local justice. Petty crimes, fights, and thefts are woven into the grimy tapestry of daily life in Skullport. Few locals pay much attention to news of such offenses or hold long-term grudges over them—but will do what they must to prevent becoming victims of

such crimes in the first place.


Example: Skullport is a subterranean city located beneath the bustling city of Waterdeep in the Forgotten Realms, a popular Dungeons & Dragons campaign setting. The city was founded several centuries ago, when a group of dwarves seeking to exploit the rich veins of precious minerals that lay beneath Waterdeep stumbled upon a vast system of underground caverns and tunnels.

The dwarves established a thriving mining community, and their skill and expertise allowed them to build a city that was both functional and beautiful. They crafted intricate sculptures and carvings in the rock walls, and installed clever systems of ventilation and lighting to make the city habitable.

However, as the years went by, Skullport became a haven for criminals, smugglers, and outcasts. The city's location beneath Waterdeep made it an ideal location for illegal activities, and soon it was home to all manner of unsavory characters. The dwarves who had founded the city were eventually driven out or killed, and Skullport became a place of lawlessness and danger.

The Xanathar, a beholder who had long been a feared and powerful criminal in Waterdeep, saw an opportunity in the chaos of Skullport. He established himself as the city's ruler, using his vast network of spies and informants to keep tabs on everyone who entered or left the city. He built a fortress beneath the streets of Skullport, and from there he directed his criminal operations throughout the region.

Over the years, Skullport has remained a city of vice and danger. It has been home to all manner of criminal activities, from slave trading to drug smuggling to assassination. However, it has also been a source of great wealth and power for those who know how to navigate its treacherous streets.

Despite its dangers, Skullport continues to draw adventurers, treasure hunters, and thrill-seekers. The city's wealth of secrets and treasures, combined with the constant danger of being caught by the Xanathar's minions, make it a prime location for those seeking adventure and excitement in the Forgotten Realms.

[Current Rumors]

Examples: The Stone of Golorr as stolen from Xanthar

The Stone of Golorr is an aboleth from Undermountain who drew Halaster’s ire when it attempted to kill the Mad Mage permanently and take control of the massive dungeon

complex. Halaster transformed Golorr into the magic stone and seized the aboleth’s amassed treasure, $500,000 gp, creating a new magical vault hidden below the city of Skullport to house the would-be rival’s vast wealth. Halaster, his motivations unclear, wants the Stone of Golorr and the treasure hoard to one day be found. He sees the hunt for the treasure as a curiosity and wants the Stone of Golorr to reveal its location to a ‘worthy’ finder.

Azrok, a Hobgoblin, The Leader of the Legion of Azor, in the crumbled city of Stomkuhldur located east of SkullPort has had his magical weapon stolen and his followers are questioning his ability to lead against the drow.

Halaster has summoned sea hags to drive the Drow from this level.

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