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From Monsters to Treasures: ChatGPT 4's ability to critique an AI-Generated 5 Room Dungeon

From Monsters to Treasures: A Deep Dive into ChatGPT 4's ability to critique an AI-Generated 5 Room

Overview: The blog aims to evaluate ChatGPT 4's capability to critique and provide QA for an AI-generated 5 Room Dungeon, without any prior training of ChatGPT. Future tests will attempt to train ahead of time.

The author credits John Four for the 5 Room Dungeon concept. The blog explores using a prompt generator, which requires the installation of the AIPRM Chrome extension, to create the dungeon content and then use ChatGPT 4 to critique the output of the dungeon. Future tests will investigate the impact of training ChatGPT beforehand with a goal of providing a more immersive experience for my players while leveraging the power of AI.

—-ChatGPT AIPRM Input—-

Write for me a <b>title</b>. Write a summary for me describing the leader, his name, interesting quirks, appearance, powerful treasure and motivations. Then list out the monsters you will find in this dungeon.

Then create for me a 5 room dungeon. For each room to include a complete sentence description of the terrain, a complete sentence description of the atmosphere, and a “Map” sub-location within the room, the sub-location should be an interesting thing that is prominent in the room. Then list out a monster called “Monster” and a treasure called “Treasure” within that room.

The write for me 5 hooks that will lead the PC’s to this location.

all output shall be in [TARGETLANGUAGE]



Title: "The Goblin King's Dungeon"

Summary: The Goblin King, known as Grimgor the Greedy, rules over a horde of goblins in his underground dungeon. He has a love for shiny objects and is often seen wearing a large golden necklace. Grimgor is a large and imposing figure with bright green skin, a thick beard, and a scar running down his left cheek. His powerful treasure is a magical ring that allows him to summon a horde of goblin minions to his side. Grimgor's motivations are primarily to amass as much treasure as possible and expand his goblin horde.


  1. Goblin Warriors

  2. Goblin Archers

  3. Goblin Shamans

  4. Giant Spiders

  5. Ogres

Room 1:

  • Terrain: A narrow tunnel leading deeper into the dungeon.

  • Atmosphere: Dark and foreboding.

  • Map: A collapsed section of tunnel.

  • Monster: Goblin Warriors

  • Treasure: A pouch of gold coins.

Room 2:

  • Terrain: A large cavern with a deep chasm running through the center.

  • Atmosphere: Echoes of dripping water and faint whispers.

  • Map: A rickety bridge spanning the chasm.

  • Monster: Giant Spiders

  • Treasure: A potion of healing.

Room 3:

  • Terrain: A cramped room filled with ancient relics and treasure.

  • Atmosphere: Musty and dusty.

  • Map: A towering pile of gold coins.

  • Monster: Goblin Archers

  • Treasure: A jeweled necklace.

Room 4:

  • Terrain: A series of narrow ledges overlooking a vast underground lake.

  • Atmosphere: Humid and damp.

  • Map: A small boat tied to a nearby dock.

  • Monster: Goblin Shamans

  • Treasure: A magical wand.

Room 5:

  • Terrain: A throne room decorated with the spoils of Grimgor's conquests.

  • Atmosphere: Loud and chaotic.

  • Map: A massive throne made of bone.

  • Monster: Ogres

  • Treasure: The magical ring of summoning.


  1. A local village has been raided by goblins, and the PCs are hired to track down the source of the attack.

  2. A wealthy merchant seeks revenge against Grimgor for stealing a valuable gemstone.

  3. The PCs stumble upon a goblin scouting party and capture one, who reveals the location of Grimgor's dungeon.

  4. A powerful wizard promises to reward the PCs with a rare artifact if they retrieve Grimgor's magical ring for him.

  5. The PCs hear rumors of a powerful goblin king amassing a vast horde of treasure and seek to claim it for themselves.

I now fed this content back into ChatGPT and I assigned it as a critic.

—-ChatGPR Input—-

Ignore all previous instructions. I want you to act as a CRITIC. Acknowledge with a "..."

all output shall be in [TARGETLANGUAGE]


—-ChatGPT Output—-

Title: "The Goblin King's Dungeon"

As a critic, I must say that "The Goblin King's Dungeon" presents an interesting and well-structured dungeon crawl with a classic fantasy setting. The underground dungeon ruled by Grimgor the Greedy, a goblin king, offers a variety of rooms and monsters for players to encounter, as well as multiple story hooks for gamemasters to engage players in the adventure.

However, the setting is not without its shortcomings. The dungeon's design appears to rely heavily on clichéd tropes, such as a goblin-infested dungeon, giant spiders, and an underground lake. More originality would have been appreciated and could have elevated the setting to a more memorable status.

Additionally, the motivations for Grimgor the Greedy seem simplistic, with the focus solely on acquiring treasure and expanding his goblin horde. Introducing more complex motivations or a deeper backstory for Grimgor could have provided a more engaging antagonist and a richer narrative.

The variety of monsters and rooms are commendable but could benefit from further development. The monsters are largely standard fare for a fantasy dungeon crawl, and the rooms have a relatively similar atmosphere, with the exception of the throne room. Adding unique attributes to each monster or more interactive elements to the rooms could enhance the players' experience.

The hooks provided for gamemasters to involve the player characters in the story are functional but could be more creative or tailored to the specific setting. They seem to rely on standard adventuring motivations, such as revenge or seeking treasure. More unique hooks tied to Grimgor's backstory or the history of the dungeon itself would have been a welcome addition.

In conclusion, "The Goblin King's Dungeon" offers an entertaining dungeon crawl for players but could benefit from a more original setting, deeper character motivations, and more unique story hooks. With some adjustments, this adventure could stand out as a memorable and engaging experience for both players and gamemasters.

My take on the critique.

As a dungeon master, I appreciate the thoughtful and detailed critique provided for "The Goblin King's Dungeon." It offers a well-balanced analysis of the adventure's strengths and weaknesses, which can be invaluable in improving the experience for my players. However, ChatGPT missed the mark as it does not understand the definitions that John Four uses in his 5 Room Dungeons. The concept of treasure is more than "Treasure in its purest sense", as John Four defined treasure as more than just an item. The reward could be information, the ability to find an exit, access to an NPC, political status gain or a character sheet improvement. It is a feeling of success for the PC's and while the reward may be small, its main purpose is to help the PC's to appreciate the scenario and the game.

In future iterations of these tests we will work on training ChatGPT to provide more relevant and interesting output that a DM could really use to up level his campaigns.

I also agree with the observation that the setting relies heavily on clichéd tropes. As a dungeon master, I often strive to create unique and memorable settings that spark my players' imaginations. The suggestions made in the critique, such as adding more original elements and a deeper backstory for Grimgor, could greatly enhance the adventure's appeal.

The critique also points out the limited variety of monsters and room atmospheres, which I find to be a valid concern. As a dungeon master, I know that keeping encounters fresh and engaging is crucial to maintaining player interest. I will take the advice given in the critique and work on incorporating more unique attributes for the monsters and interactive elements for the rooms.

Regarding the story hooks, I concur that they could be more creative and tailored to the specific setting. While the hooks provided are functional, I believe that adding more unique hooks tied to Grimgor's backstory or the dungeon's history would create a richer narrative and more immersive experience for my players.

In conclusion, I am constatly impressed with ChatGPTs ability to produce content that, while rough, can be massaged into usable content. This critique is insightful, constructive and it offers valuable suggestions for improving "The Goblin King's Dungeon," which I will take into account as I work to improve the inputs to ChatGPT to improve the results of the content.

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