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Step 7: Preparing for Session 0

Session 0 Step by Step

Session 0 marks the initial gathering of Game Masters (GMs) and players, setting the stage for a journey into imaginative realms. In this digital age, AI has revolutionized the traditional setup, enabling a richer, more interactive role-playing experience. Here’s how GMs can leverage AI to enhance the foundational meeting: 

  • Introductions: Start by introducing yourself and your players and if required introduce the RPG system you are using. Ask the players to introduce themselves, and encourage them to share some basic information about their character.

  • Game overview: Give a brief overview of the campaign's setting, the tone of the game, the game rules, and any unique features of the campaign. Make sure everyone understands the expectations and limitations. Have the players login and read about the campaign through their character page.


  • Character creation: If the characters haven't been created yet, set aside some time for character creation. Help the players through the process, make sure they have a clear understanding of their character's abilities and limitations.

  • Backgrounds: Give the players their characters' backgrounds, and encourage them to read and ask any questions. Have them generate a character personality using AI by answering a series of questions.


  • Discuss special rules: If there are any special rules in the campaign, such as unique magic items, new classes or races, or custom mechanics, make sure to go over them in detail. For example, I like to use customer critical hits and bad misses' tables in my games.


  • Run through game process: Walk the players through the game process, including how to take their turns in combat, how to use skills, how to resolve conflict, and how to move the story forward.

  • Ask: Ask your players where they would like to see their characters go, use this information to influence future sessions. Have the players chat with their characters.


  • Goals: Take the time to establish short term goals. This will give the GM an idea of highlights to consider when running the next session.


  • Set expectations: Discuss expectations around punctuality, attendance, communication, and player conduct. Ensure that everyone understands the campaign's tone and how they can contribute.

  • End with excitement: End the session on a high note, by reiterating the exciting parts of the campaign, what the players can expect to experience, and how their characters will play a critical role.

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