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15 Ways AI Has Changed the Role of a Game Master

Complete D&D Campaign in the Game Master Platform using ChatGPT

Complete Campaign in the Game Master Platform


In the realm of role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons, the Game Master (GM) has always been the cornerstone, guiding narratives, shaping worlds, and bringing characters to life. But with the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI), like ChatGPT, Midjourney and Dalle, the role of the GM is undergoing a remarkable transformation. Let's explore 15 ways AI has revolutionized this pivotal role.

AI is making easier and easier for GMs to create fun, compelling and complete campaigns from the first encounter to the last.

1. Enhanced Storytelling through Pixar's Story Spine Structure

Old Way: Crafting narratives often relied on the GM's imagination and experience.

New Way: AI can quickly create engaging stories. The Pixar Story Spine helps GM's to create compelling, structured stories, providing a rich narrative framework for the GM.

Once upon a time...

Every day...

But, one day...

Because of that...

Because of that...

Because of that...

Until, finally...

And, ever since then...

This is how each of the elements add to the story:

The Beginning that establishes the routine:

Once upon a time... Every day...

The Event that breaks the routine: But, one day...

The Middle that shows the consequences of having broken the routine:

Because of that... Because of that... Because of that...

The Climax that sets the resolution to the story in motion: Until, finally...

The Resolution: And, ever since then..

2. Overcoming Writer's Block with AI

Old Way: GMs often faced writer’s block, struggling to keep the story flowing.

New Way: AI provides endless creative prompts and ideas, ensuring the narrative momentum never stalls.

3. Efficient Homebrew Content Creation

Old Way: Creating custom content was time-consuming, often limiting the GM’s ability to personalize the game.

New Way: AI swiftly generates unique items, NPCs, and monsters, offering a personalized touch to the gaming experience.

4. In-Depth Character Backstories

Old Way: Crafting detailed backstories was often a collaborative but lengthy process.

New Way: AI provides deep, complex backstories, enriching each character’s journey and connection to the world. Having the AI trained on the backstory to enable your players to chat with themselves is even better.

AI Backstory on Hodor the Half-Orc

The Game Master Platform captures your player characters D&D backstories using ChatGPT

5. Dynamic World Building

Old Way: World-building was a static, labor-intensive process.

New Way: AI assists in creating living, evolving worlds that respond dynamically to player actions.

6. Streamlined Rule Management

Old Way: GMs often had to pause the game to look up rules, disrupting the flow.

New Way: AI offers instant rule clarifications, keeping the game smooth and uninterrupted.

Built in fully customizable rules for the GM while the game is running.

Game Master Platofrm provides built in RPG rule sets at the GMs fingertips.

7. Rich Dialogue and Character Interaction

Old Way: GMs needed to improvise dialogue for various characters, a challenging task.

New Way: AI suggests diverse dialogues, enhancing character interactions and authenticity.

8. Balanced and Engaging Encounters

Old Way: Balancing encounters to match player levels was often imprecise.

New Way: AI provides tailored challenges, ensuring balanced and engaging encounters for all players.

9. Innovative Map Creation

Old Way: Creating maps was a manual and time-consuming task.

New Way: AI generates detailed, custom maps, offering new levels of detail and exploration.

10. Comprehensive Campaign Logging

Old Way: Documenting campaign details was a manual process, prone to oversight.

New Way: AI helps in accurately tracking campaign progress, enhancing continuity and recall.

Game Master Platform Homepage and Session Tracking

The Game Master Platform provides Comprehensive Campaign Logging for your D&D sessions

11. Scene Visualization with AI Imagery

Old Way: Setting scenes relied heavily on verbal descriptions.

New Way: AI generates vivid images for scenes and settings, visually immersing players in the game world.

12. Creating Unique Character Portraits Using Unique Styles

Old Way: Players often relied on their imagination or stock images for their characters.

New Way: AI creates unique, detailed character portraits, deepening players’ connection to their characters.

Here are 15 styles you should try, and more here.

  1. Realism

  2. Impressionism

  3. Post-Impressionism

  4. Fauvism

  5. Expressionism

  6. Cubism

  7. Futurism

  8. Surrealism

  9. Abstract Expressionism

  10. Pop Art

  11. Pointillism

  12. Art Deco

  13. Constructivism

  14. Northern Renaissance

  15. Social Realism

13. Drawing Inspiration from AI-Generated Images

Old Way: Inspiration was limited to existing artwork or the GM’s imagination.

New Way: AI-generated images offer new sources of inspiration, sparking creative ideas for stories and settings. Try uploading the image and asking the AI to create a story around this image. Use the PCTET method to maximize your prompt.

14. Reading Maps and Dungeons to Create Engaging Encounters

Old Way: GMs had to either create their own or beg, borrow or steal maps and try to figure out what was in each room and how they were tied together

New Way: You can upload a map or dungeon and have the AI interpret the image and then, through proper prompting, help you populate the map.

Read Images and Converse with the Map

Use ChatGPT to read your dungeon maps and help you to fill out the D&D story and the maps contents

15. AI as a Collaborative Creative Assistant

Old Way: GMs primarily relied on their own creative resources.

New Way: AI acts as a creative partner, enriching the storytelling and campaign design with fresh perspectives.

Built in AI Assistant Trained on Your Campaign - Game Master Platform

ChatGPT AI assistant is built into the Game Master Platform for the Dungeon Masters


The integration of AI into the world of role-playing games is not just a technological upgrade; it's a paradigm shift in how stories are told, worlds are built, and characters come to life. As AI continues to evolve, the role of the Game Master will undoubtedly transform further, opening new horizons in the art of storytelling and gaming.

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