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5 ChatGPT Prompts to Start a Fight in Your D&D Campaign

Updated: Jan 10

5 ChatGPT Prompts to Start a Fight in Your D&D Campaign


Welcome to "5 Prompts to Start a Fight in Your D&D Campaign," a guide specifically tailored for Dungeon Masters (DMs) looking to spice up their storytelling. In any D&D campaign, tension and conflict are not just elements of drama; they're the driving forces that keep players engaged and the story moving forward. This guide aims to provide you with tools and techniques to create these moments, using player characters' (PCs) goals and backstories as the catalyst.

The prompting process will go like this.

Setting the Stage for Conflict

Importance of Character Backstories Character backstories are more than just personal histories; they are treasure troves of potential conflicts and challenges. By weaving these backstories into the fabric of your campaign, you create a narrative that is both personal and gripping for your players.


  • Understanding Player Goals: Learn how to delve into your players' backstories and extract goals that are ripe for development into campaign plot points.

  • Crafting Compelling Goals: We provide tips on shaping these player goals into narrative pillars that can support the weight of your campaign's drama.

Antagonists and Player Goals

Conflict often arises from opposition, and what better way to introduce this than through a compelling antagonist. In this section, we discuss how to create villains and adversaries whose objectives clash with those of your PCs.


  • Identifying Player Goals: A quick review of the player objectives you've gathered.

  • Creating an Antagonist: A step-by-step guide on crafting an antagonist whose goals directly oppose those of your PCs.

  • Aligning Antagonist Motives with Faction Goals: Techniques for linking the antagonist's motives to larger factions within your campaign world, creating a layered and interconnected conflict.


How to Start a Fight

The art of starting a fight in D&D goes beyond just physical confrontations. It's about putting the PCs' goals against the antagonist's, creating a scenario where clashes are inevitable. This section explores how to turn this tension into engaging encounters.


Crafting Conflict Through Prompts

In this section, we delve into specific prompts that DMs can use to initiate conflict. These prompts are categorized based on their origin - character-driven, faction-driven, or antagonist-driven.

Prompt 1:

You are a game master working on your latest fantasy campaign. I want you to write for me 20 unique goals for player characters. These goals should come in a column format with the first column called Player Goal, second column called Reason and the third column called complication. For example a goal might be to return to their homeland, the reason is A concern for others, and the complication is doing so would anger a local politician.

Player Goal



1. To return to their homeland

A concern for others

Angers a local politician

2. Acquire a legendary artifact

Fulfill a family legacy

The artifact is cursed

3. Rescue a kidnapped friend

Sense of loyalty

Friend is held in a heavily fortified location

4. Avenge a personal betrayal

Desire for justice

Betrayer is under powerful protection

5. Discover their true parentage

Search for identity

Truth threatens a powerful faction

6. Rebuild a destroyed village

Sense of responsibility

Lack of resources and opposition from a rival

7. Master a rare form of magic

Thirst for knowledge

Knowledge is guarded by an ancient order

8. Overthrow a tyrant

Desire for freedom

Tyrant has blackmail material on the character

9. Find a cure for a cursed ally

Compassion for a friend

The cure requires a morally questionable act

10. Protect a sacred grove

Spiritual connection

A powerful corporation plans to destroy it

11. Uncover an ancient conspiracy

Love for mysteries

Becoming a target for conspirators

12. Win a prestigious tournament

Prove self-worth

Sabotage from other competitors

13. Recover lost family heirloom

Honor family heritage

Heirloom is in the possession of a rival family

14. Forge a legendary weapon

Aspiration to be the best smith

Rare materials are controlled by enemies

15. Explore uncharted territories

Adventurous spirit

The territories are home to dangerous creatures

16. Become the leader of a guild

Ambition for power

Internal guild politics and betrayal

17. Write a book of adventures

Desire to share knowledge

Rival author seeks to discredit the work

18. Lift a family curse

Duty to family

The curse is tied to a greater evil

19. Establish a new trade route

Business acumen

Route is plagued by bandits and natural hazards

20. Solve a series of murders

Justice for the victims

Investigation angers a secret society

Prompt 2:

Now I want you to create a table that has two columns. Column one is PC goal, Column two is Antagonist Goal. You are going to list out the 20 PC goals from above in the first column and then you will write an opposing goal in the second column. For example PC Goal 1. To return to their homeland may have an antagonist goal of keeping the player away for his lost bloodline.

PC Goal

Antagonist Goal

1. To return to their homeland

Keep the player away from his lost bloodline

2. Acquire a legendary artifact

Seize the artifact for their own nefarious purposes

3. Rescue a kidnapped friend

Use the friend as leverage for political gain

4. Avenge a personal betrayal

Cover up the betrayal and eliminate all loose ends

5. Discover their true parentage

Hide the truth to protect a dark secret

6. Rebuild a destroyed village

Exploit the land for resource extraction

7. Master a rare form of magic

Monopolize magical knowledge for control

8. Overthrow a tyrant

Crush rebellions to maintain authoritarian rule

9. Find a cure for a cursed ally

Ensure the curse remains to serve a dark agenda

10. Protect a sacred grove

Destroy the grove for industrial development

11. Uncover an ancient conspiracy

Keep the conspiracy secret to maintain power

12. Win a prestigious tournament

Rig the tournament to promote a corrupt agenda

13. Recover lost family heirloom

Use the heirloom to manipulate the family's legacy

14. Forge a legendary weapon

Obtain the weapon to wield unchallenged power

15. Explore uncharted territories

Claim the territories for imperialistic expansion

16. Become the leader of a guild

Manipulate guild politics for personal gain

17. Write a book of adventures

Suppress the book to hide the truth

18. Lift a family curse

Strengthen the curse for a ritual sacrifice

19. Establish a new trade route

Block the route to maintain a trade monopoly

20. Solve a series of murders

Continue the murders to instill fear and chaos

Prompt 3:

Now I want to break the goals down into smaller manageable goals that I, the DM, can create a good story arc around. [Let's take number 9. Find a cure for a cursed ally as an example.] I want you to list out 5 short term goals that the player can achieve to finally reaching his main goal. For each I want you to include an objective and tasks.

  1. Research the Curse:

    1. Objective: Gather information about the nature of the curse.

    2. Tasks: Visit libraries, seek out scholars, or consult with wise sages to understand the curse's origins and possible cures.

  2. Locate a Rare Ingredient:

    1. Objective: Find a key component needed for the cure.

    2. Tasks: Embark on a quest to a dangerous or remote location to obtain a rare herb, magical crystal, or other essential ingredient.

  3. Gain Favor of a Healer or Alchemist:

    1. Objective: Secure the assistance of a skilled healer or alchemist.

    2. Tasks: Complete a task or mission for a renowned healer or alchemist to earn their trust and help in concocting the cure.

  4. Protect the Cursed Ally from Deterioration:

    1. Objective: Keep the cursed ally safe and stable.

    2. Tasks: Defend the ally from attacks by those drawn to the curse, or manage symptoms of the curse to prevent it from worsening.

  5. Perform the Ritual or Create the Antidote:

    1. Objective: Administer the cure to the cursed ally.

    2. Tasks: Organize and conduct a complex ritual or carefully prepare the antidote, possibly involving a challenging magical procedure or battle against forces that wish to prevent the cure.

Prompt 4:

Great now we are going to determine the ideal antagonist for this story. I want you to list out 5 possible antagonists that we can tied to each of the 5 previous steps and one overall antagonist. Give me the antagonist name, primary objective(s), and how they are tied to each step.

  1. Antagonist for Research the Curse:

    1. Name: Arcanist Eldrin

    2. Primary Objective: To hoard ancient magical knowledge and prevent others from accessing it.

    3. Tied to Step: Eldrin possesses crucial information about the curse but is unwilling to share, fearing it might diminish his unique mastery over arcane secrets.

  2. Antagonist for Locate a Rare Ingredient:

    1. Name: Lady Sylvara, The Forest Guardian

    2. Primary Objective: Protect the sanctity of her forest realm, where the rare ingredient is located.

    3. Tied to Step: Lady Sylvara fiercely opposes any intrusion into her territory and sees the quest for the ingredient as a threat to the balance of her domain.

  3. Antagonist for Gain Favor of a Healer or Alchemist:

    1. Name: Riven the Merciless

    2. Primary Objective: Expand his criminal empire by controlling important figures, including the healer/alchemist.

    3. Tied to Step: Riven has coerced the healer/alchemist into servitude and will not easily relinquish this control, viewing the party's attempt to gain their favor as an affront to his power.

  4. Antagonist for Protect the Cursed Ally from Deterioration:

    1. Name: The Cursed Wraith

    2. Primary Objective: Feed on the energy of the cursed to strengthen itself.

    3. Tied to Step: The Cursed Wraith is drawn to the energy of the cursed ally and relentlessly pursues them, seeking to consume the very life force the party is trying to save.

  5. Antagonist for Perform the Ritual or Create the Antidote:

    1. Name: High Priestess Maelis

    2. Primary Objective: Prevent the lifting of curses she believes are divine judgments.

    3. Tied to Step: Maelis sees the curse as a necessary act of divine will and will do everything in her power to stop the party from undoing what she perceives as a holy decree.

Overall Antagonist:

  • Name: Lord Varram, The Shadow Weaver

  • Primary Objective: Maintain chaos and suffering in the realm to increase his dark powers.

  • Tied to Story Arc: Lord Varram has a vested interest in keeping the cursed ally in their tormented state, as it contributes to the overall despair and darkness in the land, from which he draws his power.

Prompt 5: Creating the Antagonist or 5 Room Dungeon

From here the options fork. You can either create a detailed antagonist or start to build out the encounter with 5 room dungeons. The following two blogs will go into more detail and can be tweaked to meet these needs.

Vindictive Villian Prompt:

I want you to pretend that you are a D&D dungeon master who wants to develop a vindictive antagonist [Insert Antagonist Name and Campaign Name]. I want you to help me develop interactions between NPCs and the PCs for and upcoming campaign. Each scenario should have a name, a situation, a description, key players or groups and their motivations.

2. 5 Room Dungeon Prompt:

I want you to create a 5 Room Dungeon for [Insert Antagonist Name and Campaign Name]. Write a short summary paragraph describing the scenario, the genre, location, theme, and the important non player characters and monsters.

Then create for me a 5 room dungeon. For each room to include a complete sentence description of the terrain, a complete sentence description of the atmosphere, and a “Map” sub-location within the room, the sub-location should be an interesting thing that is prominent in the room.

Then list out a monster called “Monster” and a treasure called “Treasure” within that room.

“Treasure” does not need to be an item. The “Treasure” could be information, the ability to find an exit, access to an NPC, political status gain or a player character ability improvement.

Give each room monster a unique attribute, desire and motivation that makes them memorable.

Give each room an interesting element to enhance the players’ experience.

Write two options for how I may amplify the intensity in this room through either increasing numbers of enemies or depleting player characters resources

Room 4 should be the most difficult monster


Conflict is the heartbeat of any memorable D&D campaign. This guide is designed to help DMs craft conflicts that are not only exciting but also deeply integrated into the narrative fabric of their campaign. We encourage DMs to adapt and modify these prompts to fit the unique contours of their campaign narratives.

I want to thank Proactive Roleplaying by Jonah and Tristan Fishel for the inspiration for this blog.

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