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The Dawn of AI in Tabletop RPGs: Revolutionizing the Game Master's Role

Updated: Mar 10

The Dawn of AI, ChatGPT & Dalle, in Tabletop Dungeon and Dragons RPGs: Revolutionizing the Game Master's Role

In the tapestry of tabletop role-playing games (TTRPGs), the figure of the Game Master (GM) looms large, a storyteller weaving narratives from the threads of imagination, strategy, and chance. Since the inception of Dungeons & Dragons in the 1970s, the GM's role has been pivotal, orchestrating adventures that transport players into realms beyond the mundane. Yet, as we stand on the cusp of a new era, artificial intelligence (AI) promises to transform this traditional bastion of creativity and ingenuity, heralding a revolution in how tales are told and worlds are woven.

The Traditional Role of the GM

Traditionally, GMs have been the architects of adventure, crafting intricate storylines, managing the mechanics of gameplay, and facilitating the dynamic unfolding of character arcs. However, this role comes with its challenges—extensive preparation time, the need for dynamic storytelling adaptability, and the maintenance of player engagement, to name a few. The introduction of AI into the realm of TTRPGs offers solutions to these challenges, augmenting the GM's capabilities and transforming the gaming experience.

The Advent of AI in TTRPGs

Artificial intelligence, with its vast potential for enhancing creativity and efficiency, is now seeping into the very fabric of TTRPGs. From natural language processing to content generation and machine learning, AI technologies are poised to revolutionize game mastering. This integration promises to streamline preparation, enrich narrative depth, and facilitate unprecedented levels of character development.

In future blogs we will explore each of the four pillars in more detail regarding how AI helps the GM uplevel their capabilities.

The Four Pillars of AI Integration in TTRPGs


The dreaming phase is the initial and perhaps most creative stage of the TTRPG creation process, where the Game Master (GM) conceptualizes the world, plots, stories, and foundational ideas that will drive the campaign. It's a phase characterized by imagination and the creation of a setting where countless adventures can unfold.

AI's Role in Dreaming: AI, with its access to vast databases of lore, mythology, history, and culture, acts as a digital muse for GMs. It can provide data-driven inspiration for new worlds and narratives, suggesting unique combinations of elements that might not occur to a human mind. AI can help generate detailed environments, rich histories, and complex societies, laying the groundwork for immersive storytelling landscapes. This not only speeds up the world-building process but also introduces a level of detail and coherence that can be challenging to achieve manually.

AI tools can offer templates and frameworks for creating worlds, suggest plot hooks based on popular or classical story arcs, and generate intricate maps that reflect the geography and politics of the imagined world. This allows GMs to craft more compelling and vibrant settings, enriching the player experience with depth and authenticity.

I was recently working on a campaign called Valley of the Lost Orcs and I wanted to base it on the North African tribes and that environment.  I myself know very little about North Africa, but AI knows the history, culture, languages, architecture and societal norms.  By using Chain of Thought Prompting and PCTET prompting approach, I was able to quickly create a detailed outline and description for my campaign.  I then used this information to begin to flesh out in detail descriptions, and locations in which the encounters will take place.

The Valley of the Lost Orcs encounter planning map.

D&D Campaign The Valley of the Lost Orcs encounter planning map.

If you are interested in running the Valley of the Lost Orcs, let me know and I will share the campaign with you when it is completed.


Once the dreaming phase lays down the narrative and world-building foundations, the building phase transitions these ideas into tangible, playable content. This includes the development of non-player characters (NPCs), encounters, quests, and the overall storyline that the players will engage with.

AI's Role in Building: AI significantly streamlines this process by translating the GM's vision into complex, multi-layered content. It can generate lifelike NPCs with their backstories, motivations, and secrets, making the game world feel populated with characters that have depth and agency. AI can also design dynamic encounters that challenge players in new and unexpected ways, ensuring that the game remains engaging and unpredictable.

By training AI on your campaign content, you can now begin to converse with the content, and develop encounters that are relevant to your story, generate consistent NPCs, experiences, all while keeping within your plot arc. Moreover, AI can assist in weaving together the overarching narrative and side quests into a cohesive story. It can adjust the difficulty level and ensure that the narrative remains coherent regardless of the players' choices, preserving the sense of agency that is crucial to the TTRPG experience.

ChatGPT AI Enabled Campaign Creation

ChatGPT AI Enabled Campaign Creation


The running phase is where the planning and preparation come to life, with the GM guiding players through the adventure. This phase demands a high degree of improvisation, adaptability, and real-time problem-solving to maintain the narrative flow and respond to players' actions.

AI's Role in Running: AI becomes a co-GM, providing real-time support and suggestions for improvisation, enhancing storytelling with dynamic elements that respond to the players' decisions. It can help manage the logistical aspects of the game, spinning up stat blocks, creating descriptions, and dialog on the fly, freeing the GM to focus on the narrative and player interaction.

AI can also offer instant feedback and suggestions, help resolve rule disputes, and simulate complex scenarios on the fly, making the gameplay smoother and more immersive.

Here is the first encounter of Valley of the Lost Orcs.  The scorpions are present along with the AI assistant that contains all of the searches that have been done as the campaign was built. 

AI Trained on your Campaign for Realtime Interactions

ChatGPT AI Trained on your D&D Campaign for Realtime Interactions


The sharing phase opens up the creativity of individual GMs to a broader community, allowing them to share their adventures, worlds, and stories with others. It turns a traditionally solitary phase of content creation into a collaborative and interactive experience.

AI's Role in Sharing: With AI-powered platforms, GMs can share their content securely and efficiently, reaching a wider audience. These platforms can offer tools for customizing and tailoring content to fit different groups and play styles, enhancing the usability of shared resources.

From my campaign view I can share any campaign that I created, which includes all assets, NPCs, Foes, Items with anyone else on the platform.  This will copy the entire campaign into my friends instance where they can run this campaign.

Share your Campaigns with Others

Share your D&D Campaigns with Others

Transforming Storytelling and Narration

AI's impact on storytelling and narration is profound. By generating narratives and creating immersive worlds, it enriches the storytelling experience, allowing GMs to craft and narrate engaging stories with minimal preparation. This technological aid empowers GMs to focus on the art of storytelling, elevating the narrative depth and engagement of their campaigns.

Here is a players view of an artefact in my game called the Elven Trees of Travel. Each player has this image and description after they discovered how to use this magic item.

Upleveling Storytelling Through Visuals and Detailed Assets

Upleveling Storytelling Through Visuals and Detailed Assets

Streamlining Game Management

The administrative burdens of game management are significantly reduced with AI's integration. From session preparation to rule enforcement and conflict resolution, AI streamlines these aspects, improving game flow and allowing GMs to concentrate on creative storytelling.

Custom Homebrew Rules Available to Everyone

Custom Homebrew Rules Available to Everyone

Deepening Character Development

AI facilitates deeper character development, offering personalized story arcs and adaptive world reactions. It enriches role-playing by providing backgrounds, motivations, and evolving challenges, thereby enhancing the overall player experience.

In the players view, the platform allows for the player to chat with their character. A characters that remembers what happened last session, a character that has been trained by the player through saving memories and conversing with themselves. Think of the AI as the player characters conscious.

Conversing with your Character

Conversing with your D&D Character via ChatGPT

Fostering a Collaborative Gaming Environment

AI supports collaborative storytelling and player engagement, fostering a more immersive and interactive gaming experience. Through platforms and tools leveraging AI, the TTRPG community can enjoy enhanced collaboration and engagement, further enriching the shared storytelling experience.

The Future of AI in TTRPGs

The integration of AI in TTRPGs is not without its challenges and ethical considerations. However, the vision for the future emphasizes a balance between technology and human creativity, ensuring that the essence of TTRPGs—imagination, community, and exploration—remains intact and is even amplified.

Sharing of Assets

Sharing of D&D Campaign Assets


The dawn of AI in TTRPGs marks a revolutionary shift in the role of the Game Master. By enhancing storytelling, streamlining game management, and deepening character development, AI promises to enrich the TTRPG experience for GMs and players alike. As we embrace this new era, the potential for creativity and collaboration in the world of tabletop gaming is boundless.

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